JETSETTER GIFTS: Maslin & Co Towel


Admittedly, I get obsessed with items that to some may seem unnecessary, or at the very least, indulgent.  Perhaps this is one of these items, but isn’t that what gifts are all about?  Aren’t the best presents something you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself, but would love to have?  I personally think so, and this towel definitely fills that criteria for me.  It’s totally beach ready — it’s reversible, oversized and even comes with its own holster.  I can already imagine carrying this with me to the Hamptons and sprawling out on the sand.  This is the first product on the market from Maslin & Co, but I have a hunch that this resort brand is going to produce lots of goodies for jetsetters everywhere to covet.  Wouldn’t it be great to give this gift to your favorite globetrotter, before they’ve even heard of it?

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